Emmanuel M. Afemikhe

Convener, TVOC. Founder, Voiceover Workshop and Media

Segun Arinze

Film Actor, Ace Voiceover Artist, President (AVOA) Nigeria

Paula Gammon Wilson

Voiceover Casting Director and Production Manager

Marc Cashman

President and Creative Director, Cashman Commercials, United States of America.

Chilu Lemba

Award-winning Voiceover Artist and Media Entrepreneur

Chioma BBB

Ace Voiceover artiste, Media Consultant, and Coach.

Jennifer Kanari

Award Winning Voice Actor, Executive Voice Coach

Wale Ekundayo

Founder and Vice-President, Cerebre Africa.

Jo Troy

Multiple Award-Winning British Voiceover Artist.

Dan Lenard

The Knowledgeable Voice. Home Studio Master.

Remi Olutimeyin

Premium Voice Director, Voiceover Producer

Craig Ross

The Voiceover Alchemist of South Africa

Ahide Adum

Premium Voiceover Artist, Accomplished Creative

Oscar G. Oyinsan

Premium Voiceover Artist, Founder of The Mc’s Company.

Emeka Onunkwo

Founder, Nigerian Voice Bank, Casting and Creative Director.

Lord Frank

Film Actor, Ace Voiceover Actor, Entrepreneur

Bellarose Duruji

Media Personality and Voiceover Artist, Co-founder Techcity NG

Eric Ekweme

Premium Voiceover Actor, Voiceover Producer

Wole Adesanya

Seasoned Music, Sound and Voiceover Producer

Adebisi Adetayo

CEO 32AD Animation, Producer and Animation Director

Vien 007

Host, TVOC 4.0

Seun Ajayi

Host, TVOC 4.0

Seun Olusegun

Host, TVOC 4.0

Ahmed Olalekan

Moderator, TVOC 4

Lady Kofo

RC Host, TVOC 4.0

Friday MAY 12th & Saturday MAY 13th 2023


Day 1 – 12 NOON (WAT) ~ Virtual Attendance


DAY 2 9:00 AM (WAT) ~ Registration & Networking

             10:00 AM (WAT) ~Doors Open


The VoiceOver Conference 4.0 Is Proudly Supported By